Singapore Respiratory Specialists

Your lungs are one of the most important organs in your body. Through the ?simple? act of breathing, the body replenishes the much needed oxygen from the atmosphere and at same time expels excessive carbon dioxide produced by the body?s metabolism. Many diseases can impair the function of the lungs and in turn unhealthy lungs can affect the function of other vital organs in the body (like the heart). External factors such as air pollution increasingly play an important role in poor lung health. New infections like SARS and bird flu are causing increasing concern among health care authorities. The field of respiratory medicine has kept pace with these new challenges by advances in scientific knowledge and technology.

Largest regional grouping of highly specialized and internationally trained respiratory physicians

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Singapore Respiratory Specialists brings together the largest grouping of respiratory physicians (11 specialists in total) practising in the private sector in Singapore. We are highly qualified and our collective clinical and research experience comes from training and working in leading institutions in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the USA. We are therefore capable of providing a very comprehensive and up-to-date medical care for patients with all kinds of lung diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, bronchitis, pneumonias, chronic cough, sleep apnoea, cancer of the lung, etc.

Our clinics are conveniently located in the three major private hospitals in Singapore: Mount Elizabeth Hospital (JCI accredited), Gleneagles Hospital (JCI accredicted), and Mount Alvernia Hospital.

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  • C T Yeo Respiratory & Medical Clinic - 6473 0918
  • Cheong Chest & Medical Clinic - 6734 3808
  • Cough & Chest Specialist - 6738 7000
  • Hui Kok Pheng Respiratory & Internal Medicine Clinic - 6887 4360
  • Jane Yap Chest & Medical Clinic - 6356 9928
  • Dr Ong Kian Chung: Chestmed Pte Ltd - 6235 1466
  • Kong Clinic for Chest & Internal Medicine - 6836 0928
  • T C Goh Medical & Respiratory Clinic Pte Ltd - 6479 5897 / 6471 6257
  • T H Tan Medical & Chest Clinic - 6474 2329
  • Dr Amy Stebbings: The Chest and Internal Medicine Clinic Tel 66944333
  • Dr Akash Verma: Chestmed Pte Ltd Tel 62350701